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2013 was a particularly good year:

We secured 2 perfect scores & 3 Dux of school.

Out of our deliberately limited cohort of 24 students  17 students secured a mark greater than 95%. Of these 17 8 secured a mark greater than 98.1.

We really do encourage our students to focus on the last 5 marks. This year we will only take 20 students allowing us to refine and lift our focus further.

We are niche driven, boutique and happy remaining that way.

We reflect the revering of successful education embraced by elite students.

In 2012 we had 2 students who attained perfect score of 99.95 as well as 3 dux of school.

English Mastery: a niche driven, boutique service for the individual. Boutique as in small gifted and expert in one specialized area; HSC English Tuition. Boutique as in thoroughly happy to be small and selective.

English Mastery sees students from 30 of the surrounding schools including suburbs such as Gordon, Pymble, Hornsby, Lindfield, St Ives, Roseville, Chatswood, Wahroonga you name it!

English Mastery: We take away your concerns about HSC English; we secure top ATARS for 95% of our students. We remove your burdens and save you time. Our success rates are the best in Sydney.

We work 1:1 and we get to the heart of your problems. Your course is designed for you alone and we have literally read all your texts.

We have been located in our Gordon offices for the past 9 years.

Our teachers offer highest calibre 1:1 consultations personally tailored to meet individual needs.Our consultants include high level communicators who have come to terms with the RIGOURS & technicalities of HSC English.They include teachers who are or have been Senior HSC markers.




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11/02/2014 Hey Jonathan,
I’m sorry for the belated response things have been quite insane around here lately. Everything you said about the HSC totally came true, the rankings corrected themselves and I ended up receiving the top result in my school. I got an ATAR of 96.05 and got into Arts/Law at ANU!! I move down to Canberra next week.I was very happy with my marks for English as I received:
91/ 100 for English Advanced with an exam mark of 92. 
43/50 for English Extension 
45/50 for Engish Extension Two
I my other subjects I recieved: 
45/50 for History Extension 
94/100 for Legal studies 
91/100 for maths 
87/100 for modern history. 
Thank you so much for your advice and encouragement it allowed me to get into Law! 
Again I apologise for the late response, 

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