HSC English is our claim to fame.

English Mastery offers Exemplary English Tuition.

We help students achieve academic excellence in all aspects of English—especially years 11 & 12—and break through to what you want to achieve – results of outstanding calibre.

English Mastery offers clear answers to the blocks and barriers to learning and secures impressive results, high marks and personal bests.

From early high school through to the all-important HSC and beyond.

  • A quality service with outstanding results.

Our approach works at unburdening the student. It is inspiring, enjoyable and relaxed. We offer study skills where every student can have an approach that will actually take pressure off rather than create a burden.

Breakthrough frees the student, gives them the knowledge required and allows them to function with confidence and autonomy.

English Mastery offers highest level experienced support with HSC English, from experienced tutors.

All texts from all schools are covered in the HSC Syllabi.

We work from comfortable offices, with friendly highly qualified tutors who teach in clear language and get to the point.

We demystify English, get rid of unnecessary jargon and allow you to understand what you need to know.

We also do online tutoring for students who are comfortable with that mode of contact.