About Mark Longhurst

The director of English Mastery is Mark Longhurst.

I have a committed and productive relationship with my students. I glean an image of how they make sense of their world, what’s going on in their day, their week, their lives in so much as it affects their ability to work. Years of experience helping students achieve their potential assist markedly with this process. 

Mark holds a four-year Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale University, where he graduated with magna cum laude honours and with distinction.

He also holds a two-year Masters of Philosophy from the University of Oxford, where he graduated with distinction.

In 2004, in his Higher School Certificate exams, Mark achieved a University Admissions Index of 99.85. He graduated dux of Newington College, where he attended on a full scholarship. Mark achieved a perfect score in English Extension 2 and was ranked 3rd in the NSW English Extension 2.

Over the past decade, Mark has mentored hundreds of students, both privately and at some of Sydney’s most prestigious tuition colleges.

Mark’s students have duxed Sydney’s finest schools, achieved perfect ATARs and won scholarships to study at the nation’s top universities.

His experience studying at top university institutions honed his understanding of the strategies necessary for students to achieve outstanding academic results.

He brings a wealth of expertise to his English teaching. His capacity for good relationships with students is complemented by his capacity to deliver a quality service and outstanding results to a broad range of English students.

He has chosen to utilise English Mastery as a way of supporting HSC English students to achieve the career path of their choice.

In his spare time, Mark reads voraciously and travels overseas.