Stunning 2007 HSC Results; Best Year Yet!

How did English Mastery students perform in 2007?

2007 HSC Results:

  • 9 students scored a UAI of between 99.55 and 96.9.
  • 18 students scored > 90.15.

These results were from a group of 25 students.

The results speak for themselves. See website for previous years’ performance.

Congratulations are in order for the swathe of students who achieved these stunning results facilitated by very strong performance in the compulsory HSC English course.

There is nothing more heart warming than seeing so many students realise their dreams and gain scholarships to the universities of their choice. These include Dominic Catsaras who gained a 4 year scholarship to the University of New South Wales to study the highly sought after Actuarial Studies degree.

Congratulations also to every one of my students who gave of their personal best. That in itself is reason to be proud and to have a strong sense of achievement and self worth. These qualities are priceless and transcend all other success.

Dr Jonathan Hardy
1 January 2008