2009 HSC Results for English Mastery students

29 students attended English Mastery on a regular basis for 1:1 tuition in HSC English


Of these 29 students

9 scored an ATAR above 98.1;

15 students scored above 91.2

5 scored a personal best that went beyond their wildest dreams.

These results could not have occurred without outstanding scores in the compulsory HSC English course.

Students studied Advanced and Extension 1 and 2 English.

These results speak for themselves. However English Mastery’s mission statement is to facilitate students’ aspirations to capture the course and career of their dreams.

Testimonials (unsolicited)


I’m very pleased to report I received an ATAR of 97.40, thanks to the tireless efforts of my family, teachers and, of course, yourself. My HSC mark for English Advanced was 89/100, with English Extension 1 being 40/50. I am thrilled with my overall performance. I have put any lost marks down to the competitiveness of this year’s cohort which, judging from the HSC Merit List, was above and beyond that of any other year. Your assistance and English tutoring is greatly, greatly appreciated and I wish to thank you immensely for your advice on remaining cool, calm and collected throughout my HSC experience. Without your soothing presence I doubt I would have been able to achieve as highly as I have in subjects that extend beyond English.

Attending your English Mastery sessions allowed me to understand the complexities of the HSC, being that many factors are out of a student’s control. While I came to you with a perfectionist nature, your guidance meant that I could let go of the negative aspects of being a total control-freak and focus on moving forward in the future – which I have discovered DOES exist after the HSC! Your patient and kind-hearted disposition has been a positive influence on my life and I will endeavour to recommend your services to every single HSC student I know.

I’m now hoping for admission to Macquarie University’s Bachelor of Arts in Media and Bachelor of Laws degree and I will keep you updated on my progress!

Here are the results for all of my subjects if they are of interest to you.

Ancient History – 97/100 – Band 6
Business Studies – 87/100 – Band 5
English (Advanced) – 89/100 – Band 5
English Extension 1 – 40/50 – Band E3
Legal Studies – 91/100 – Band 6
History Extension – 47/50 – Band E4
Society and Culture – 95/100 – Band 6

Thank you so incredibly much, once again, and I look forward to keeping in touch.


I’m sure Simon will be in touch, but he received his ATAR score this morning of 98.80%. He is very happy. It opens up plenty of opportunities at UK universities, even though they don’t understand our scoring system! We’re keeping our fingers crossed she gets some offers.

Simon also made the NSW Distinguished Achievers list – his name is in the paper this morning! – for his sci-fi, feminist short story. I think I am more proud of this than anything because it was so individual, so unique, so “SIMON” it worried the life out of me, especially when I read examples of previous good works. But he stuck to his guns.

I remember you saying “let’s hope the examiners like it” and I thought Oh my God! Anyway, it seems they did!

Mel and I can’t thank you enough for the gentle way in which you have guided and encouraged Simon onto such improved marks. You instilled him with the confidence to be “his own man.”

It always made me laugh, when I picked him up from one of your tutorials and I would ask what he had done and she would say: “Oh just stuff, just talked really.”

Jonathan, long may you continue to do “just stuff” with other – truly fortunate – kids who find you.

Our sincere thanks for everything you did for Simon.

Thank you for all your help with Claire this year! She has made some great
progress under your guidance, and as I am sure she told you, she is thrilled
with her English exam result of 98%.


Dear Jonathan
Jason got his HSC results today. He got 90 (HSC Mark) for his English. We are very pleased with it. I think all that extra coaching helped tremendously.

Thank you very much for your help.

Aiden (2008)

Hey Jonathan,

It’s Aiden here, you may not remember, and for that I apologise. I meant to email you a long time ago, but I never really found the time. I’ve been keeping busy after the HSC- I have a job at Aldi, I went on a road trip to Melbourne, and a few other things.

My HSC results- I did pretty well, with an overall UAI of 99.40. For English I scored 91 in the exam and 87 for the school assessment, so 89 overall. My only band 5, which I regret in a way. French- 92, Maths 3U- 97, Maths 4U- 95, and Chemistry- 98. I actually came 12th in the state for Chemistry, which is a solid achievement.

I’m off to uni in a few weeks, UNSW for Engineering/Science. I’m trying to create a tailored degree which encompasses both Electrical Engineering and Nanotechnology, which is not usually possible (but the Dean is thinking of making an exception due to my high UAI).

In regards to the actual English paper, I found both pretty easy. In fact for me paper 2 was the more comfortable of the pair, even though the paper 1 components were simple (the creative writing fit perfectly with my prepared story- the curious traveller!). So yes, I was very pleased with my exam mark and I’m convinced it was a direct result of your excellent tuition. I thank you (again, if I already have) for your insightful comments and exam tips. You made English not such a scary exam for me.

Anyway, I wish you the best of luck with any future endeavours and your current stock of HSC students- I’m sure they’ll do great.


Briony (2008)

To Jonathan

Thank you so much for all your help this year. When I first came to you I didn’t know if anyone would be able to help me with my English skills, and it was after our first session that I got back in the car and told Mum and Liam I was going to be fine and that I trusted you’d get me back on track. I was so right.

We’ve had some fun times during our sessions laughing about silly stories and ETA questions that never made any sense. Exposure to “the girls” has got me slightly closer to getting rid of my fear of dogs and I now have an appreciation of their inquisitive nature. Little things like your change of flowers each week brought a smile to my face. I always got back in the car after an English Tutoring session with a smile on my face, and many new ideas, hopes and dreams.

Thankyou for not only teaching me about HSC English but also for teaching me many life skills and lessons on the way. I am sad to see our time coming to an end but happy to see the HSC coming close to the finish line.

Post Script

In early 2008 Bryony found herself without a school to go to and was forced to enrol in the TAFE system. It was a huge shock after coming from a private school and she w

Bryony went on to score a UAI of 95 and indeed fulfil her dreams.