Thanks for all your fantastic help in 2015. You really provided great support that dramatically improved my English results over the course of Year 12. I received a band 6! English was my worst subject in Years 10 and 11, but because of your tutoring it ended up being one of my best subjects in my HSC.

— Damon, Killara High School, ATAR 99.15, now studying Engineering / Commerce at UNSW


Just wanted to tell you that I received a band 6 in Adv English. Thank you for all your help this year and I’m sure I couldn’t have achieved this result without you. I went into my exam very confident of a good outcome thanks to your teaching.

— Nicholas, Knox Grammar School, ATAR 99.45, now studying Economics at UNSW


Thank your again for taking the time to teach me English this past year. All the hard work paid off. I received a band 6 in English, which has allowed me to get into the uni course I was aiming for.

— Penny, Ravenswood, ATAR 99+, now studying Arts / Law


Kay, thank you so much for all your help in English as it definitely pushed me into the band 6 range that I was aiming for.

Tim, Normanhurst Boys’ High School, ATAR 96.55, studying Commerce at UNSW


Thank you so much. Without your guiding me throughout 2015 in English I would not have achieved the amazing band 6 result that I received! Also I have so much appreciated your encouraging words throughout the year!

— Morgan, St Aloysius, ATAR 97.85, studying Commerce/Law at UNSW


I just received my band 5 result for English! Thank you so much for your help and guidance through the year. I couldn’t have received this mark without your expert assistance!

— Jack, Woolaware High School, ATAR 95.45, now studying Economics at UNSW


Hi Kay! I’m so excited! I just found out that I’ve been accepted into my school’s English Extension class for Year 10. As you know this is what I’ve been aiming for all year, and I want to thank you so much for helping me improve in English. I cannot wait to start back tutoring with you in the new year. I have really enjoyed the Year 9/10 English class.

— Amy, Year 9, Willoughby Girls’ High School


Before my son started English tutoring with you, he was ranked 94th out of 120 students at his selective school. Within just 10 hours of English tutoring, his ranking improved amazingly! His report now shows his new rank at 20th in his year – what an astonishing improvement! Thank you so much!

— Alice, parent of a Year 12 student, Normanhurst Boys’ High School


Matthew has much more confidence in English since studying with you. In fact, English has become his most popular subject, overtaking all the others.  Thanks  for all your great work!

— Annette, parent of a Year 12 student, Knox Grammar School


Penny has certainly enjoyed and benefitted from her tutoring lessons with you! We appreciate all of your time and effort to help her in her English.

— Helen, parent of a Year 12 student at Ravenswood


Byron got 19/20 for his essay in his exam and said that it was because of your tutoring. Thanks so much. He’s delighted.

— Belinda, parent of a Year 9 student, Sydney Grammar School


Since attending the Year 7/8 English class with you, our son is enjoying English for the first time. His creative writing has certainly improved. Thank you so much. It is making such a difference to his self-esteem and his results.

— Veronique and Simon, parents of a Year 8 student at Gosford Selective High School


We are delighted with your tutoring our daughter, Melissa. Because you taught her to write essays in first term, she came top of her year, and was asked by the English department to read her essay in front of the entire school assembly and to take questions from the students. She performed admirably. This has given her a lot of self-confidence, and she is enjoying English so much. Thank you!

— Janet and Michael, parents of a Year 7 Abbotsleigh


Kay, you’re a fantastic teacher! I’m sure you’re told this often. Thank you so much for your assistance in tutoring Katrina this year. She has really benefitted from your expertise and kindness.

— Yvette, parent of a Year 8 student at Mercy College Chatswood



You’ve been a pivotal part of my perfect score for my ATAR. I am so incredibly overwhelmed.

I’m not doing med at Sydney. I’m going overseas to Harvard.

Kind Regards



Hey Jonathan,
I’m sorry for the belated response things have been quite insane around here lately. Everything you said about the HSC totally came true, the rankings corrected themselves and I ended up receiving the top result in my school. I got an ATAR of 96.05 and got into Arts/Law at ANU!! I move down to Canberra next week.

I was very happy with my marks for English as I received:
91/ 100 for English Advanced with an exam mark of 92.
43/50 for English Extension
45/50 for Engish Extension Two
I my other subjects I recieved:
45/50 for History Extension
94/100 for Legal studies
91/100 for maths
87/100 for modern history.
Thank you so much for your advice and encouragement it allowed me to get into Law!
Again I apologise for the late response,


23/02 2014

Dear Dr. Hardy,

Just wanted to let you know that English went superb, both papers 1 and 2.

The Area of Study paper was no problem whatsoever. Unlike the trials where I ran out of time for the reading comprehension section, I began this time with that section and finished with the creative with half a minute to spare.

The stimulus for the creative integrated perfectly with my memorized story.

For the extended response, the question on ‘places’ ‘perspectives’ tied in beautifully with my thesis and texts.

The Modules went even better. Module A and C were fairly straight forward and it was obvious that Module B would be the ‘differentiater.’ The question incorporated an excerpt, the last page of the novel of Patrick with Hana, and asked to ‘what extent did this form your judgement of the novel.’ I was able to effectively tie this question with my memorized essay of Patrick’s identity. I mentioned the effect of the circular narrative and the symbolic meaning of Patrick saying “lights” and how Hana’s influence influenced his identity, etc.

I managed to write around 21 ‘HSC’ pages, seven for each module. 🙂

I just wanted to thank you again for your help this year. I walked out of your lesson every Sunday more motivated and confident with English. So far I’ve done English and German, both gone very well. So only three exams left. 🙂

Best Regards,
Christian D.



Hi Jonathan,

Sorry for the late reply!! The final was 

Please let us know how you are doing.




Hi Jonathan,

Results are good!!!!

Paper 1:
Comprehension: 15/15
Story: 15/15
Speech (Essay): 14/15 Comment: speech not essay

Paper 2:
Module A: 15/15
Module B: 12/15 (Hamlet – I probably didn’t work as hard for this one)
Module C: 14/15 (the only A box in my class)

Overall: 85/90
Rank: 4
I know the top mark was 86, which means 3 people were tied. I’m really 
happy with the results!





Dear Jonathan,

My sincere thanks for all your work with Nick this year.

I think you’re right when you described it as a ‘jungle’ so it is wonderful to have your guidance which has made a real difference. Mark was also very helpful.

I know you’re helping Nick now with final task he has tomorrow and then we will no doubt be in touch as Nick said he has English assessment first week back 2014!

Hope your cold is better and thanks again

Best wishes for holiday season



Now that the end is at last here, I personally just wanted to say a very big thank you for all you did for David this past year. I know he popped in at your place yesterday but you were not in to thank you in person!!

You have been the most wonderful English Tutor to David and more than anything gave him a new found confidence in his English ability which I know has stood him in good stead through these HSC exams! David enjoyed every lesson he had with you and the confidence he gained in the use of the English language certainly flowed over to many more of his subjects.

We will most certainly keep your contact details on hand for when Bruce starts the long road to the HSC.

I have no doubt David will let you know how he went when the results come out next month.

Sincere thanks and kind regards’


‘Hi Jonathan,
just wanted to let you know Louis was awarded Redlands Dux last night at Valedictory dinner, you are partly responsible for that so we wanted to thank you for all your tuition and support this year. I am sure he would not be where he is without your input, so……thanks.me know the dates and times please? Hope you are not too snowed under, look forward to finally meeting you.

Many thanks and kind regards
Jenny November 2012


‘I just wanted to let you know how Matthew did. He got 87 in English which we thought was fantastic and his ATAR was 97.35!! We were blown away… he far exceeded all our expectations and he was so happy with his result (he really did work hard!). I want to thank you for all your help… your tutoring helped him in all his subjects… quite evident in his results.

So once again thank you.’

( Matthew; Masada College, St Ives 2010)


‘Sorry for the late reply!!

The final ATA was 99.50!’

(privacy request) Abbotsleigh Schoo: 2010


‘I just thought I’d tell you that i got 88 in English and an atar of 95.7

Thank you so much for all your help, last year feels like a dream. I got into Sydney university and i’m doing advanced chemistry which i hope will be enjoyable and fun.’

Sceggs Darlinghurst (2009)


‘I’m very pleased to report I received an ATAR of 97.40, thanks to the tireless efforts of my family, teachers and, of course, yourself. My HSC mark for English Advanced was 89/100, with English Extension 1 being 40/50. I am thrilled with my overall performance. I have put any lost marks down to the competitiveness of this year’s cohort which, judging from the HSC Merit List, was above and beyond that of any other year. Your assistance and English tutoring is greatly, greatly appreciated and I wish to thank you immensely for your advice on remaining cool, calm and collected throughout my HSC experience. Without your soothing presence I doubt I would have been able to achieve as highly as I have in subjects that extend beyond English.

Attending your English Mastery sessions allowed me to understand the complexities of the HSC, being that many factors are out of a student’s control. While I came to you with a perfectionist nature, your guidance meant that I could let go of the negative aspects of being a total control-freak and focus on moving forward in the future – which I have discovered DOES exist after the HSC! Your patient and kind-hearted disposition has been a positive influence on my life and I will endeavour to recommend your services to every single HSC student I know’

Jessica (TAFE) 2010


‘Sam made the NSW Distinguished Achievers list – her name is in the paper this morning! – for her sci-fi, feminist short story. I think I am more proud of this than anything because it was so individual, so unique, so “Sam” it worried the life out of me, especially when I read examples of previous good works. But she stuck to her guns.

I remember you saying “let’s hope the examiners like it” and I thought Oh my God! Anyway, it seems they did!

Mel and I can’t thank you enough for the gentle way in which you have guided and encouraged Sam onto such improved marks. You instilled her with the confidence to be “her own man.”

Jonathan, long may you continue to do work with other – truly fortunate – kids who find you.

Our sincere thanks for everything you did for Sam.’

Yours Sandra and Mel. (2010)


‘Thank you for all your help with Claire this year! She has made some great progress under your guidance, and as I am sure she told you, she is thrilled with her ATAR of 98.9’

(Claire; PLC, 2009)


Hey Jonathan,
It’s Aiden here, you may not remember, and for that I apologise. I meant to email you a long time ago, but I never really found the time. I’ve been keeping busy after the HSC- I have a job at Aldi, I went on a road trip to Melbourne, and a few other things.
My HSC results- I did pretty well, with an overall UAI of 99.40. For English I scored 91 in the exam and 87 for the school assessment, so 89 overall. My only band 5, which I regret in a way. French- 92, Maths 3U- 97, Maths 4U- 95, and Chemistry- 98. I actually came 12th in the state for Chemistry, which is a solid achievement.

I’m off to uni in a few weeks, UNSW for Engineering/Science. I’m trying to create a tailored degree which encompasses both Electrical Engineering and Nanotechnology, which is not usually possible (but the Dean is thinking of making an exception due to my high UAI).

In regards to the actual English paper, I found both pretty easy. In fact for me paper 2 was the more comfortable of the pair, even though the paper 1 components were simple (the creative writing fit perfectly with my prepared story- the curious traveller!). So yes, I was very pleased with my exam mark and I’m convinced it was a direct result of your excellent tuition. I thank you (again, if I already have) for your insightful comments and exam tips. You made English not such a scary exam for me.

Anyway, I wish you the best of luck with any future endeavours and your current stock of HSC students- I’m sure they’ll do great.

Aiden (2009) Killara Highschool


To Jonathan
Thank you so much for all your help this year. When I first came to you I didn’t know if anyone would be able to help me with my English skills, and it was after our first session that I got back in the car and told Mum and Liam I was going to be fine and that I trusted you’d get me back on track. I was so right.

We’ve had some fun times during our sessions laughing about silly stories and ETA questions that never made any sense. Exposure to “the girls” has got me slightly closer to getting rid of my fear of dogs and I now have an appreciation of their inquisitive nature. Little things like your change of flowers each week brought a smile to my face. I always got back in the car after an English Tutoring session with a smile on my face, and many new ideas, hopes and dreams.

Thankyou for not only teaching me about HSC English but also for teaching me many life skills and lessons on the way. I am sad to see our time coming to an end but happy to see the HSC coming close to the finish line.

Post Script
In early 2010 Bryony found herself without a school to go to and was forced to enrol in the TAFE system. It was a huge shock after coming from a private school. Bryony went on to score a UAI of 95 and indeed fulfil her dreams. She is now studying overseas.’

Bryony (2010)